Take-off to Corporate


The program provides an opportunity for recent college graduates. It includes training courses that help the freshers seamlessly from academics to a corporate environment. We also provide networking, leadership, and team building opportunities, teaching the participants very practical skills. The following points will be covered under this program:

  • Interview Skills will tell you some easy steps that will increase your chances of success at interviews.
  • Resume Writing will guide you in formulating a resume that practically generates results.
  • GDs will tell you the dos and don’ts when you are a part of a group discussion and how to be an effective listener and speaker.
  • Mock PI would give you the right tips and expert advice on cracking personal interviews.
  • Giving Presentations will acquaint you with effective means of attracting the audience, structuring and delivering the presentations in an exceptional way.
  • Public speaking will verse you with the techniques and strategies of speaking in public.
  • Aptitude test will give you the best preparation for your employment aptitude evaluations.
  • Preparing Memos, Drafts, Letter Writing, and Minutes of meetings will help you in improving your writing skills that are required in these areas of work.

Job Management Skills

It goes without question that quality manpower feeds and nourishes industries and augments the economy's growth. What is therefore needed is to create a bank of skilled hands who can be directly absorbed to the industry.

Achieving quality standards in employability has fuelled the setting up ITFT Finishing School.

It is easier to get your first right job but it is difficult to retain it. Out of every 10 graduates who join their job 7 leave within six months. Most of them are confused with what kind of job do they want? Another problem is the mismatch between the persona of an individual and the job profile. Qualifications, market trends, peer choices...if these are the criteria you depend on to choose a career, you may do well. But not for a long time! The nature of work you will enjoy doing will depend primarily on your temperament, personality and values. It is therefore very clear that your personality along with aptitudes is a key requirement for a fulfilling career. Job Management Skills are thus essential for a stable and successful career.

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