Image Enchancement


An effective professional persona communicates an individual’s qualities and abilities and can reflect a company’s corporate image. In the business world efficient communication, good interpersonal skills, professional conduct, proper business etiquette and a high level of personal grooming are important contributors to success. These soft professional skills are key complements to hard technical skills and qualifications, giving a crucial advantage in customer service, negotiations, sales and marketing and interviews.

In the ITFT Finishing School learn what to wear for different social and work occasions and for travel; how to dress appropriately and how to decipher those baffling dress codes—casual, smart casual, semi-formal and formal wear.

A well-groomed person is attentive to details, organized and self-disciplined – at least that is the assumption! A polished appearance creates a great impression, while a positive image builds confidence and an attractive public persona necessary for work and social success. In our finishing School learn essential grooming tips, choosing the right cosmetics, applying the right kind of makeup for a natural look and practical advice for up-grading your personal appearance. Grooming course will, moreover, train you to communicate self-assurance in posture, body language and manner of speech.

Gear up For Success

The ITFT Finishing School offers techniques for optimizing the effect of dress to present a confident, able, professional image that is both appropriate and impressive.


  • Groom your image
  • Managing hair, nails and skin
  • Personal hygiene
  • Neat and tidy appearance
  • Art of professional makeup
  • Optimizing corporate and personal image with dress
  • How to dress for success
  • Business color psychology
  • Job interview attire
  • Dress codes
  • Business casual and formal dress
  • Socially and culturally appropriate business dress
  • Dressing for your industry
  • Matching and coordinating clothes and accessories
  • Wardrobe and apparel management
  • Body posture and perfect walk

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