Impression Management


In the first thirty seconds people make judgments about us on a subconscious level, based on what they see, hear and sense. From business casual to the ultimate power look, tailor your presentation for success in today's workplace. We at ITFT help you to project more power, confidence and credibility because we believe that first impression is the lasting impression.

At ITFT Finishing School we provide guidance and training in imparting correct image and marking an everlasting impression in conscience with the following:

  • Self- Disclosure is considering a certain trust onto the other person intends a certain amount of disclosure of self i.e. sharing about your person whereby etc. Under this we guide you about what and how much to disclose to different person’s and at what levels so as to fill that pit-hole of trust and sincerity.
  • Managing Appearances
  • Alter-casting is when a person accepts a certain social role, a number of social pressures are brought to bear to ensure that the role is enacted. We prepare you to successfully be able to take those challenges and also to be able to succeed in various roles all through our specialized training courses.
  • Ingratiation is often expressly viewed with distaste; in practice it is very common. The key to successful ingratiation is that the person does not realize that you are doing this. Ingratiation when practiced with a lot ease and subtleness is healthy.

We provides a wide array of training and development under all the above said categories to cater to an effective everlasting impression and image.

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