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Welcome to the ITFT Finishing School. We’d like to help you realize your full potential, to challenge your outer limits, to signify the space between your right toe and your left toe. Be not confused. Open your mind and come with us.

ITFT Finishing Schools has a transformative agenda of shaping the destiny of youth for emerging knowledge-based society. It builds a "Bridge from College to Careers" in the form of courses imparting actionable knowledge leading to rewarding careers.

Building strong relationships often requires the ability to negotiate awkward or unfamiliar situations. This skill is essential in many facets of modern life. Here at ITFT Finishing School, we help you develop the four pillars of a polished image: Grace, Elegance, Strength and Confidence.

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It gave me ways to develop my charm and to bring about a positive change in me. I now create a good impression on everyone I meet. It helped me realize my capabilities and my strengths. I am now a stronger, happier and cheerful person

Pawan Kumar – Media (2014)

Before Joining ITFT Finishing School, I was an introvert. I use to shy away from speaking in public.I never spoke my point of view thinking that people will laugh at me. ITFT made me a confident personality.It helped me to polish my communication skills.

Priyanka - BBA (2011)

I learnt many new skills which were really essential to be successful in life. I developed good communication ,right dressing skills ,learnt dinning etiquette and essential life skills. It has made me a confident personality. Now I know how to create a space for myself among my friends.

Ankit – B.Sc ATHM (2013)

ITFT Finishing School has brought the fineness in me which I always longed for. Today I have a sound career, all thanks to the ITFT. They made me go through the rigorous interview preparation. I was made aware of all essential tips and techniques for succeeding in the interview. I owe my special thanks to the Finishing School.

Bistriti - M.Sc ATHM (2008)
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